2023 Membership FAQ:

How much are dues this year?

Do I have to live in Alanton or Baycliff to join the pool?

  • Membership is open to all families no matter where they live.

When is my membership due?

  • Payment is due on April 15th.  On April 16th a $50 late fee will be applied to returning members.  New members do not pay a late fee.

What membership type do I sign up for?

  • If you have any questions contact Jay Massie at JayMassie@hotmail.com

How do I register?

  • Registration is online.  There will be no paper applications accepted.  You will need to sign up for an account and input your families information.  Make sure you add each member of your family that lives in your home.   If you are a returning member you will need to log into your account.

How do I pay?

  • You can pay with credit card or you can mail in a check.  The credit card processing is encrypted and secure should you decide to pay that way.  There is a 3% service fee for credit card payments which covers the cost of the transaction. Checks need to be postmarked by 4/15/23 or a $50 late fee will be applied.

Who is included in my membership?

  • Memberships cover only people living in the residence that the membership is registered under.

Can I add babysitters to my membership?

  • Up to 2 caretakers can be added to your membership when you register.  Caretakers are free of charge when the adults are not present.  Otherwise guest fees and the guest policy applies.  This policy is monitored to ensure that guest fees are paid when adult members are present at the same time as the caretaker.

What about my family who lives in Virginia Beach, are they allowed to come to the pool? 

  • In town family is more than welcome to come as a guest subject to the guest policy.  We encourage in town family that is interested in visiting on a regular basis to join the pool.  Grandparents with no minor children in the household are able to join as social members at a significant discount.

What is the guest policy?

  • Please see the Official Guest Policy.  In town guests are limited to 5 visits per person for the summer.  Guest fees are $5 per day per person.  Guest visits are tracked at the front gate by the software to prevent abuse of the guest policy.

Why do we have limited guest visits?

  • Our members invest money and time into our pool each year and it is our duty to preserve that investment by ensuring that the pools benefit is provided primarily to those that are members.

I am going to be out of town in June can you prorate my dues?

  • It is the pools policy to not prorate dues.  Exceptions have been made for military families being transferred out of town before the end of summer or transferred to the area mid summer.

Can I have a birthday party at the pool?

  • Absolutely.  We encourage parties at the pool.  We do have a party policy that we adhere to.